Applied as a family computer game, FreeBank can create a token economy for children and adolescents

FreeBank is a protocol with many potential uses, including gaming. One interesting example is a family game designed to create a micro-currency within the family home. It is intended to incentivize a child or adolescent to do their chores by making it easy to keep track of ‘favour’ exchanges. For example, a child could be encouraged to do chores in exchange for rides to a friend’s house.  

FreeBank protocols facilitate balanced reciprocation within a community, (quid pro quo; you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours) therefore any FreeBank money a child earns within the family could also be used to pay for things outside the home and vice versa, so long as the child or youth had something to offer this extended community in return. This harnesses the child’s natural ability to exploit ‘loopholes’ and channels this energy into constructive entrepreneurial outlets.

For example, if a child wants a 20-minute ride to a friend’s house, the credit to pay for this ride might have been earned days or weeks earlier by spending 20 minutes cleaning the kitchen. It’s even conceivable the child could earn the ride privilege by spending 20 minutes raking the neighbour’s leaves if, hypothetically, someone from the neighbour’s household did babysitting for someone in the ride-seeking child’s family. This is because FreeBank automatically detects the interconnection of extended communities and permits a currency exchange with this extended community, while ensuring the exchanges stay balanced.  

FreeBank allows communities to grow organically and teaches trust and reciprocation while in turn developing healthy, flexible boundaries. With the FreeBank family game a child doesn’t suddenly leave the home to enter the ‘real’ world of responsibility. The real world is the one the child has been growing up with all along as part of their token community! 

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