Bank Night

Banks have been raising rates. They do this when they feel the economy is becoming unstable and they want to slow it down. Usually the next thing is we have a recession. Following 2008, after the economy restructured itself, we lost a lot of good middle income jobs. As a result we have an increase in ‘angry’ politics.  The next crisis it will only make it worse.

This is because we’ve entered into a prolonged deflationary era. This coincides with the quantitative easing (QE) used by governments to salvage our dying money system. QE is the same as printing money but instead of the government spending it themselves they give it to investors. They do this by purchasing financial assets for more than they are worth. It’s still printing money, which means we should be in an inflationary economy yet prices have been stable or dropping. Apparently, investors have been stuffing money under their mattresses waiting for some bubbles to burst so they can go on a buying spree. When this happens the 1% will get even richer and politics will get even angrier.

For our own salvation we need to unplug from the current money system and start building a new one that works for the everyone. FreeBank is a real solution to this problem. It solves the problems other cryptocurrencies are facing with widespread adoption. FreeBank is fully decentralized, has infinite scalability, astonishing price stability, instantaneous transaction speed and impervious security.  We have the blueprint. Lets build it and get on with the next phase of global economic prosperity.

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